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"Life is more than just living or just existing. It is a chance for each and every one of us to push the limit, give one hundred and ten percent, and achieve our dreams, passions, and desires. If we don't do that every day... then we are only cheating ourselves."
                                                                        Randy Rambeau

Randy Rambeau

Age: 36

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 190 lbs



     Randy grew up in a very small town in Southern Illinois, about two hours south of St. Louis, Missouri.  At the age of 17, after graduating high school, Randy enlisted into the United States Navy where he served defending his country for now eighteen years.  


     All of his life, he has aspired to be an artist.  Writing music, playing guitar, singing, and acting in school plays, in the back of his mind he always had the passion to be an actor, but focused on other life goals instead.  He continued studying his talent in acting and performing although his personal and professional life continued to be priority until last year.  Randy researched everything that he could find on acting and came across an audition for a full feature film.  He contacted the casting director and requested an audition.  Two weeks later, he was cast in the part giving him the experience he needed to turn his passionate flame for acting into an inferno.  


     Randy is still serving in the Navy while persuing his career in acting.  He acknowledges his talent and he is learning more everyday to better it and himself.  


     Randy currently resides in Carbondale, IL.

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